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 So, on 2011's December, I released my Engine, called Brain. It was way better than my oldest Engine, LarX(which is available here on Codeplex, and, I hate to say it, but it sucks), and it was cool. But I could make it better. And I did. Here it is, Brain 2 Game Engine!



What is Brain 2

Brain 2 is a Free, Open-Source Engine focused on making development of games and Windows apps quick and easy.



Platforms Supported

- Using XNA 4.0(DirectX 9) on
 - Windows
 - Xbox 360
 - Windows Phone 7 (7.1) 

- Using Mono and MonoGame(OpenGL)
Windows(trivial to use but works)
- Linux
- Android
- iOS
- PS Vita (PS Suite -> Any Playstation Certified Devices)
- Mac OS

- Using Web

- Silverlight 5





Some Pictures of it Running

Here are some screenshots took with Brain 2(by pressing F5 on the Engine) of the SunBurn Demo Projects:

What is Brain 2 used for?

As every other Engine on the Market, it's function is to make easier and possible for the developer to develop a game. 


Comes with Photon Particle Engine!

Photon - Particle Engine

2D/3D Particles, Easy to use, CPU or GPU Particles!

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